About The Jewish Seeker

I’m an Observant Chassidic Jew. A young adult; studying for my Rabbinic degree.

Real talk: I chose the current moniker not presumptuously as my constant state of being; more as what I believe I can be, what I feel I should be. A religious seeker. One who settles not with status quo; one who constantly is exploring both within and without. Writing and blogging has been this outlet; my space to formulate, discuss and explore that which I hold dear. The space to ask the questions of why, and to seek the depth within religious observance and life. Perhaps even more, a platform to explore my relationship with the Master of All that Is, Was, and Is Yet to Be.

But what is the fun if I try searching alone? It is my fervent hope that the reader and peruser will join with me on this journey. Even if our paths have intersected for only a couple moments, I hope and believe there is what we can give and take, to and from each other. Because if this is a journey, every step has a purpose.

There isn’t much better than feedback and discussion. Feel free to reach me on my contact page!

May G-d continue to bless us in our ways,
Schneur Zalman.