Pocket-Sized Wisdom

I am very excited to be working on a new project! A friend of mine has asked me to provide him with short quotes of inspiration. If they fit his vision they just might see the print… Below is what I’ve formulated so far. Worthy? You decide.

Just a short word on these quotes of inspiration: on the one hand they are lacking the elaboration necessary for the reader to really internalize their message. To be touched — inspired, yes; but a detailed delineation of any thought is a vital factor in order for the thinker to truly analyze and examine the reasoning in question, and ideally — in the eyes of the writer — to come to a full agreement with the points being made. Or, at least, to make for a good discussion.

However, there is a beauty in retaining the thought at its seminal point. Because in the expansion of the idea we will most always differ. The details contain nuances based on how the presenter interpreted the concept — which will be tainted by his subjective self and past experiences. Perhaps if we leave the thought mostly untouched, it will remain pure. And the reader can run with it as they see fit. Ultimately, the peruser can develop it in their own way, and really, all I ever did was give you the seeds to cultivate in your personal garden. You’re very welcome. Let the process commence!


Inspiration alone has rarely changed a life.

It is best paired with Knowledge.

Knowledge is like water. The reservoir gently builds by the dam; tugging at the heart to let her in. A little inspiration and the waves come gushing through.

Not inspired? Keep going at it with purposeful study.

Once inspired — flow with it. The free waters beckon.

The Game

A Masterful Hand is refreshing reality every morning. All which has occurred until this point is merely the experience needed to play the game to your fullest potential.

The match is to be played today.

Plains of Truth

Our understanding and definitions do not create the greater Truths. To be deemed a Truth of our universe, it must have preceded all descriptions. Definitions and understanding, though, are the rungs of a ladder — our means to rise to the plains of the primordial Truths. Is there, then, a more wondrous phenomenon than a finite creature, using the steps of their mind, reaching for the meadows of The Infinite Being?


At times we mistake confusion for depth. One must question in order to reach understanding, but at the core is clarity. Simplistic certainty because we were created in a Higher image with a mission to achieve. It just might take a lifetime of inquiry and subtle discoveries for that depth to shine through.


In the grand scheme of everything a compact world was formed: the human. Complete with all directions and elements and combined of earthiness with a powerful sense of sublimity. This miniature world, through its relation to all matter, was tasked with perfecting the incomplete universe, in which it was stationed.

After all, why would the Master Creator form a mere helpless creature, when, in her stead, a gifted partner could thrive?

A Soul’s Craving

I yearn for His presence. I search for His soothing voice to guide and inspire. My heart is aflame to catch a glimpse of His features; to encourage and to empower.

Yet, in my heart of hearts, I know.

I know where He is to be found.

For He is in my voice — as I guide and inspire; in my features — while I encourage and empower.

There He is.

Now, what’s your thoughts?

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