Divinely Ordained

Photo by Tim Graf on Unsplash

The following is a repost of one of the first essays I had written when I just began blogging. It is a creative writing article on the Jewish principle of personal Divine guidance. Truly, this message of G-d’s constant supervision has been so important to me and the sentiment has only been strengthened ever since I ventured into writing as a means of expression and through the journey of-sorts that ensued. To have inspiration at the right moment; the right friends and acquaintances who have stepped in to guide, correct, and encourage; and the positive (personal) effects that the writing has had. It all points to this Guiding Figure: Someone who seems to position us in the right place at the right time; and a Loving Force who knows our ultimate good. I just pray that this good should always be revealed throughout our entire trek — until we reach our truest destiny.

I would like to address a self-directed query, (perhaps subconsciously) posed by the unassuming article-finder. Namely:

“How Did I End Up Here?”

For starters, let’s keep this simple. The way I see it, there are two options:

  •  You are a friend or family of the author and are following his blog to see what he writes. Thank you all.
  • You happened upon this piece by “chance.” Perhaps you were searching for Jewish thoughts and inspiration and this is what came up. Well, to you I commend for searching insight; quite a valuable trait. As well, I say thank you, for sticking with me so far. (And I promise, I do have a point I’m getting at here.)

The real question, though, remained unaddressed. Let’s reword it as follows:

“Why Am I Here?”

Now, it would be ludicrous for me to attempt to answer that. I can never know the reason dictating your life. Let alone explain a chance encounter within it. Unless, of course, we first address a larger query. Essentially, as large as life. Let’s discuss the “Why” of any occurrence whatsoever. The “Why” of our existence. The question being:

“Why Am I Here at All?”

And for that, there are two main approaches:

  • It’s all random. Some billions of years of particles and evolution have led the world to where it stands today. And set the stage for my appearance. To come, and eventually, to go. That random — as well as my choices — have led me to the point where I am now; my success as well as my failure. And that’s why I’m on this page. (The End.)
  • There’s a beautiful design here. The Grand Scheme of Everything. Made by a masterful Artist who has set this all in motion. And He put me here. Because I contribute to His endgame. Because I can bring myself and those around me to more awareness — awareness of Him. And awareness and respect of one another. In Torah, this vision is known as The Times of Moshiach. (Click here for a more in-depth reading on this second approach. The believer’s approach.)

And perhaps, it was this Greater Hand that brought the person to where they are today. Their success and their failure. And their Strength to overcome it again. Their Push to never give up, and to reach their ultimate purpose and their greatest achievements. Maybe even more than what one has ever expected from oneself. So if you were wondering,

“How Did I End Up Here?”

Perhaps it was destined, from the Mysterious Hand. Maybe so that we share knowledge, and commit to being better. For the Better World. For the time when “The land will be full of the knowledge of G-d, as the water fills the ocean.”


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