Alright, I Think I’ve Got Some Explaining to Do

What is this Place?

I hope to use it as a platform for my thoughts. No more, and with G-d’s help, no less. Jewish thoughts. The lessons and thoughts that I’ll post here are all strongly based on Torah (The Bible) with its vast sea of commentaries, as well as Chassidic Teachings (A.K.A. Chassidus) – a centuries-old school of thought that has brought in its wake a revival to the core Jewish mindset – which preceded it by a few millennia. I.e. it brought understanding and definition to those very truths that were known at the core of man’s soul. And which were revealed to Our People at the Giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Which is what makes Chassidus so relatable.

Quick disclaimer though – this blog will be strongly inadequate for a thorough study of any one topic. It is merely my thoughts as a student of the Texts. Every concept and nuance will require sourcing and proper depth – which I doubt I’ll provide. For a real in-depth study, I would recommend any of the books on the book-list to be found in my profile, as well as (The site also provides a great search engine – which could be used in searching for meaning on any particular concept in Judaism. It is the most visited Jewish site – and highly recommended.)

Here’s another catch. The thoughts posted are the concepts the way I interpreted them. The sources are written by great Jewish Sages, and as a matter of belief, are the total and ultimate Truths. I just hope to do them justice.

Who is this Thinking Kid?

Alright, that’s easy. Here’s a copy from my profile introduction. 

“I’m just a kid. Well, to be honest, a kid is not the aptest description. I’m a young adult who studies full-time at a Yeshiva (Orthodox Jewish school). Let’s just say we’re using the term “kid” rather broadly… 

“Regardless, I believe it is the Child who asks, seeks, and doesn’t settle for mediocrity. The pure faith in Reason and Purpose. The somewhat naive. That Spirit that isn’t lost in rote, and that Search that isn’t lost in definitions. An adult isn’t always prone to new insights; change. The seasoned, at times, seem to surrender to fate and circumstance. The Child, by contrast, is that motor that never loses touch – and adventure is always right around the corner. Youth inspire change. And change isn’t always bad. Especially when combined with thought.

“Well, there I go ruminating again. . . Which I’ll readily embrace. Because a Search with Thought may just bring back the Purity; those Simplistic Truths we knew as a Child. And that is the best Change there could be.”

No, I Meant Who is He?

Oh. Well then. . .

I’ve decided to work for now as just A Thinking Kid.

Firstly, there’s the responsibility element. As said, these are just my thoughts at the moment. I can’t claim with certainty that I’m representing the Torah truths. That would require many more years of study and delving into Texts to be certain – and Growth inevitably comes with Change. Hence I shy away.

I’ll take a moment to digress here. There are those that find this as an impediment when it comes to learning Torah. I.e. in all this “absolute” Truth, where is my voice heard? I differ. Ultimately with study and patience, one can reach the greatest accomplishment achievable; to think on par with the greatest of Torah Sages – and ultimately, if Torah is essentially Divine Wisdom, to think on par with the Divine. It just requires patience and effort. To allow His message to become your message. I hope to write more on this topic in a later installment – how Submission is ultimately intertwined with the greatest Accomplishment. But more on that later.

Secondly, I’m just a novice writer with no real experience. And here’s where I call on you. In agreement to the points made, or perhaps in strong opposition, please drop me a line in the comments – or through email (found in profile) – regarding anything, really. Content, layout, presentation, vocabulary, you name it. I look forward to making this a learning experience. And I thank you all.

And with my ruminations in hand, onward I go.

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